Is investing in Guelph a good idea?

By: Gill Mullis

Is investing in Guelph a good idea?

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Buying a house is an investment that can add a lot in the future and, to discover the best places to invest, you should stay informed of what is happening in the real estate market. According to a recent article in MoneySense Magazine, Guelph was ranked at the 4th place in the list of Canada's top cities to buy real estate in. So, yes, it is a good idea.

The city is conveniently close to Canada's Technology Triangle (Waterloo Region), an economic development organization created to assist businesses to grow in the area, but finding work in Guelph is not hard. In fact, Guelph has a low unemployment rate, and that means that residents can develop professionally in the city. They can also develop academically because the city is home to the University ofGuelph, an excellent public university that is known for having great veterinary and agricultural programs.

Guelph has been gaining attention through the years not only for its beautiful locations and exciting downtown but also because it features great housing opportunities at lower prices compared to Toronto and other areas in the GTA. Toronto's residents find in Guelph an affordable and amazing option to move to.

With many great schools, beautiful green spaces and waterside views, a caring community and a rich historic background preserved in the architecture and museums, you can find in Guelph the perfect place to grow a family. There are not a lot of places where you can find the balance between small town charm and big city amenities, but Guelph is certainly one of them.

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