Things to do in Guelph

By: Gill Mullis

Things to do in Guelph

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Living in Guelph can bring a lot of joy and quality of life for every resident. They can not only enjoy the city's excellent infrastructure but also find many cultural attractions and entertainment opportunities all-year-long. If you already have a home in Guelph, or if you are planning on moving to the city, here are some of the coolest things to do there:

Visit Downtown Guelph:

Take your time to enjoy everything the charming Downtown Guelph has to offer. You can shop, eat, be entertained and culturally inspired, all in the same place! Guelph Farmers' Market is located in Downtown and is definitely a place you do not want to miss when visiting there.

Get to know Guelph's history:

The Royal City has a very strong historical background for you to discover through its museums and beautiful architecture. One of the most famous tourist attractions in Guelph is the stunning Church of our Lady Immaculate, built between 1875 and 1883.

Take some time to relax in Royal City Park:

The Royal City Park features a large gazebo and a beautiful waterside view, which makes is the perfect place to relax on the weekends or after a hard day of work.

Check what is happening at the Sleeman Centre:

The Sleeman Centre is Guelph's main location for sports events and all sorts of spectacles. In fact, the place is a spectacle itself. Keep track of what is happening there to find the best in entertainment.

Stay active:

Guelph has over 3,000 acres of nature to explore and there are many opportunities to stay active in the city in every season. You can rent a canoe to see the city from a water perspective with Speed River Paddling,discover Guelph's natural beauties on one of many hiking trails, visit Guelph's Lake Conservation Area and much more.

Those are only a few things you can do in this awesome city. If you want to move to Guelph, there is only one sales representative you can trust: Gill Mullis. Call her right now to discover what she can do to help you find the home of your dreams in Guelph.